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Update 2/11/2014

Hi everyone!  In case you were not already aware, we are running a contest for Valentine’s Day, in conjunction with the dA group, RinSesshoumaru.  Be sure to head over to the forum for all the details!


Update 9/17/2013

It’s contest time again!  In celebration of the upcoming fall season, we are having a fanart contest in conjunction with the dA group, RinSesshoumaru.  Rules are as follows.  Everyone, have fun and I hope to see many entries soon!

1) Entries will be accepted between 9/17/13 and 10/20/13 to the RinSesshoumaru DA group. Entries may be posted to the Moonlight Flower gallery for additional exposure, but will need to be posted in the DA group to be counted as part of the contest.

2) Entries must be Sess/Rin-centric. It is acceptable to include other characters (ex: Jaken, Ah-Un, non-canon children), but the focus must be on Sesshoumaru and Rin.

3) Entries should also fit the theme of “Fall.” No snow please.

4) Mature entries are acceptable, however, they MUST be tagged with appropriate warnings.

5) You must submit your own original piece of fan art. Do not rip off work from other artists and call it your own. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified and beaten with the whacking stick.

6) Voting will take place a 2days after the contest ended, depending if there is any necessary reason for us to extend the contest entry time (Like less of entries submitted). Voting info will be explain after the contest ended.

7) The winner will be announced will be honor a banner from #RinSesshoumaru

8. HAVE FUN!! Very Happy

If anyone has any questions, please let us know! Otherwise, good luck to everyone!


Update 7/24/2012

Hi everyone!  I have exciting news for you!  For the first time in about four years, Moonlight Flower will be running a new contest!  It will a summer-themed fan art contest and will run through the month of August.  Be sure to swing by the forum to get more info!



Artist: Aeris

Sesshomaru & Rin moonlight

Artist name: Reflecting
ReliefAnother LifetimeLady?

Updates here!!!

It has been sooo long for an update. I was very busy in the past months. But if you go to another parts of the site, you would know that Moonlight Flower was still working with all the fans of SessRin. Now this is the time for a lazy webmaster like me updating all the changes in time.

New fanarts of curvychick11, Marsapan, Sess_rin68, Yuri_Rose, Ilya, Jade

New avatars, they’re a few, but we would have more.

I updated Links out page to add more links and remove dead sites.

A new theme: Forever Moon. This is late summer now.


Artist name: Marsapan
Art page: Deviantart
Seijin Shiki


Artist name: Ilya



Artist name: mteagle128


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A Welcome to Spring
A Welcome to Spring

And what could be a more wonderful way to welcome Spring than to announce our Fanfiction Contest winners! Some lovely wonderful entries were submitted for our Sping Theme and I thank everyone who participated, either through writing an entry or voting or leaving a review for the authors.

I’m pleased to announce that Frotu with her story “Thaw” is our first place winner! She will be receiving a fanart request from our lovely Jade as her prize. Our runners up are announced here.

Congratulations to our winners!

I am also happy to announce and so grateful to our generous members, that this site is funded for another three years of hosting and domain registration! I thank those who donated their hard earned money to this site, I truly do appreciate it. I hope this site will continue to thrive and bring fun and connections for all fans.

Have a wonderful Spring!

Artist: Tami

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